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Easy Power PlanReviews

Easy Power Plan

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The Easy DIY Power Plan is, like, an eBook by this totally fictional character Ryan Taylor, that’s all like, “Yo, I got you covered with these step-by-step blueprints so you can flex and build your own power generator from home, fam.”

But is the Easy Power Plan just a scam, fam? Let’s peep that. 

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How Does it Work?

According to the creators, you can flex a system anywhere you are – even outdoors or in a garage.

The plans can be downloaded to ur comp, phone or tablet so u can access that anytime, and the materials only cost around $100.

Once you’ve built the system, you can totally hook it up to any appliance and bam, you’ll have an endless flow of electricity to your crib. No cap.

Supposedly, it’s all about that ‘endless power principle’ that helps electric cars flex by charging themselves non-stop when they’re not being accelerated. But like, there are lowkey some flaws here, you know?

The Easy DIY Power Plan is basically like a blueprint for a never-ending energy machine, but like, that’s not even possible because you can’t get more energy out of a machine than you put in, ya know?

Ugh, you’d still need some electricity to make this thing work, so like, why even bother installing it in youEasy DIY Power Planr crib? 

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Easy Power Plan

Easy Power Plan

*All the prices listed here are as they appear on their websites and are subject to change.

Easy Power Plan Pros & Cons


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Customer Reviews & Complaints

Do a quick search for Easy DIY Power Plan, and you’ll find lots of reviews flexing how lit it is – but like, hardly any of them drop concrete examples of why this generator book slaps so hard.

OMG, like, most of them are just affiliate sites that send you to the sales page to buy the blueprint and make bank on that commission.

The website itself gives us some major vibes, tbh.

OMG, this is like sooo salesy with zero tea or customer reviews to spill the real tea on the pros and cons of the product. SMH. 

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Competitors and Alternatives

The Easy DIY Power Plan is, like, just one of many companies out there tryna make some quick cash from homeowners lookin’ for affordable and reliable energy solutions, ya know?

Another example is the Power Efficiency Guide (which operates like the Easy DIY Power Plan, ya know?).

If you’re tryna find a legit solution, you might wanna consider a more realistic, science-backed vibe.

One way to flex is by setting up some sick residential wind power, fam. Depending on where you live, you can peep a fat ROI in just six years, and then the electricity will be hella free.

You might also consider geothermal energy, fam. These heat pumps use up to 50% less electricity and last at least 20 years or more, fam. They can be installed literally anywhere, fam.

Other options include micro-hydropower (a lit choice for peeps with flowing water on their property) or solar power.

There are like, legit solar shingles, or photovoltaic roof tiles, that can totally help you slash your electric bills without having to deal with ugly, bulky solar panels on your roof. It’s lit! 

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The Bottom Line

OMG the Easy DIY Power Plan sounds lit AF, but TBH we think it’s just a big fat scam.

It’s like, totally flexing on the basic laws of physics, and with zero legit customer reviews to trust, only sketchy affiliate ads that all be saying the exact same thing word for word.

Our opinion is that this product is probs not worth your time or money, tbh. Yeah, it’s not hella pricey, but you won’t flex much from it either.

TL;DR? Don’t be a fool and get caught up in scams like the Easy DIY Power Plan, thinking it’ll save you mad cash on your energy bills.

If you’ve tried the Easy DIY Power Plan, drop your reviews below, fam.

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Easy DIY Power Plan Customer Reviews

  1. LC       

June 23, 2023

This product slaps, it’s doing exactly what it was made to do. Obvi the product isn’t like, all about building a tabletop perpetual energy machine, ya know? It’s like, supposed to supply energy for the average fam home.

Nah, it’s like made to snatch some cash from the broke person’s bank account, who can’t even peep the flaws and contradictions in the scammy sales page. That cash is then deposited into the bank account of the person who slayed it with their mad skills in crafting that super creative and totally made-up Sales (SCAM) Page. And like, the slice of the sales that goes to Clickbank, ya know? OMG Clickbank, you’re so sus for being involved in this scam. SMH.

My guess is they’re hoping that most peeps will end up feeling hella embarrassed and ashamed that they fell for this scammy con, and won’t ask for a refund.

If you bought this, do yourself a solid and try to get a refund ASAP, fam. 


  1. Mr E

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A whopping lie and fraud… it’s about solar panels.


June 6, 2023

i knew it was like, totally impossible to produce more power than you put into it cuz there’s like, no such thing as a perpetual motion machine.. The joke is like, it’s all about solar panels, the one thing he discounts upfront. LOL. this is a cap, straight up. just a scammer.

Lit (1)

rogerdavisJune 07, 2023

“Too good to be legit” I can’t peep Easy DIY Power Plan ’cause I ain’t dumb enough to give it a shot.

If anyone wanna flex a few bucks and a few hours as advertised…go ahead, fam!

I’ll totally vibe with reading your review proving “there’s one born every minute” lol 


  1. William

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Website reduced price to $10 when I tried to add new tabs to the browser

June 4, 2023

OMG, like energy can’t be created or destroyed, duh! But yo, I just found out that this Power Plan is a total scam, no cap. I like, quickly checked out the text part of the ad and was about to open a new tab on Safari, but then this popup showed up and was like, “Yo, the price dropped from $49 to $29!” OMG, so I tried adding two more tabs and then BAM, another popup showed up like “Yo, get the Power Plan for just $10!” This told me that the Plan was like, totally trash and a total scam. What agency can this be snitched to? 


  1. Richard

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The Unfeasibility of the DIY electric generator     

May 28, 2023

I’m an electrician, with mad skills in consumer electronics too, fam.I’m like, totally rewire the workshop in my barn, no cap, to meet all the electricity vibes I need, you know?

The total vibe of the workshop AND home is, like, max 200 amps, with an average supply of 120 volts. Lit! That’s like 22.8K watts needed, fam.OMG, are you saying that a janky tabletop contraption can actually handle, like, a whopping 23,000 watts of power??? 😱

OMG ALL the home appliances, like the furnace, electric water heater, range, and dryer, and like ALL the electronic devices in the crib, and like ALL the lights–and then in my workshop, like my heaters, lathe, huge compressor, welder, drill press, and other lit tools? OMG, fr??? 😱

OMG, like, electric stuff is totally made for 50/60 cycle current, ya know? Gotta regulate it to keep that frequency at 60, duh. OMG, like, most electronics these days, with all those microprocessors in them, need, like, a super stable regulation of that frequency to work properly. If it deviates too much, it can totally wreck the power supplies of these units. So not cool, right?

Does the ad for this device say ANYTHING about regulating the current and the frequency of the electricity generated, fam? When looked at through this lens, it’s like, duh, the claims for that device are totally whack. 


  1. rossk

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Easy DIY Power Plan vs Lenz’ Law       

November 10, 2022

In my opinion, Lenz’ Law, which is like totally logical and has been confirmed in like millions of experiments, like totally debunks the claim of over-unity electromagnetically generated energy. I dunno what kinda mechanism this scheme (or scam) uses, but I’ve seen a few that have, like, a regular magneto with power factor correcting coils or capacitors added to supposedly get rid of back EMF and, like, cheat the law of conservation of energy, ya know? Defeat Lenz’ Law and stuff. Since these are like, external devices, and back EMF is all like, working at the induction interface of coil and magnet, in my semi-educated view, the claim of the Easy Power Plan is like, total bunk.


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